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The following is a list of quotations from Azmodan.


  • "Just what is that liquid you keep consuming?"
  • "Aren't you the Nephalem's jeweler?"
  • "Hmmm...what part of Hell are you from?"
  • "You sound like a Fallen One."
Tyrael (and other angels?)
  • "Hmmm...tired of being on the losing side?"
  • "I would not call what you do "fighting"."
Sonya, Nazeebo, Johanna, Li-Ming (and other D3 heroes?)
  • "Well, if it isn't the Nephalem."
  • "Your death will be sweeter after this little diversion."
Diablo (and other primes?)
  • "We must take this world for our own."
  • "You lead us only to failure, brother. I make my own way."

As Azmodunk


  • "3-2-1 break..their limbs"
  • "The game's about to begin, are you ready?"
  • "I've got the tip-off"
  • "Get ready, this jam's about to...set off"
  • "We shall dunk on these fools so hard, they go in twice"


  • "I'm on the same team as an angel?, I'm going to assume you were picked last"
  • "Listen angel, if you get the ball, pass it to me. And be thankful for the assist"


  • "Quite the thirst quencher you got there"
  • "And i am Azmodunk, Lord of Slam"


  • "You had better have mad hops, froggy"
  • "Hmm alright, you talk a good game. But can you slam with the best?"


  • "A prime on the court?. Don't just follow my lead"
  • "Let's show them how we do on the burning court"


  • "I hear you got some game, Nephalem. Consider yourself...scouted


Sonya, Nazeebo, Johanna, Li-Ming (and other D3 heroes?)
  • "I knew I would get you eventually, Nephalem."
  • "Consider this a permanent exile."
  • "You will look good next to Inarius."
  • "Consider your Light...extinguished."

As Azmodunk:

  • "This is my court"
  • "Dooom Shakalaka"
  • "I'm on fire"
  • "Hoop!. There it is"
  • "Slam, bam, thank you man"


  • "Hah!. Nephalem can't jump"


  • "More like lord of terrible"


  • "You better try baseball, angel"


  • "Golf might be more your speed, old man"



  • "A clear choice." (upon purchase)
  • "Do not tempt me, mortal."
  • "Soon you will all serve me."
  • "You press too far...or perhaps, not far enough."


  • "Looks good."
  • "You, pass me the rock."
  • "Dude, you are harshing my mellow."
  • "Shut up and jam."
  • "Welcome to my jam" (at shop)
  • "First draft pick" (once purchased)
  • "Up for another game?" (at shop after purchase)
  • "Let's jam" (clicked at the start of the game)

Resurrected Edit

As Azmodunk

  • "Back in the game..."
  • "Put me back in, coach"
  • "Time for the rebound"
  • "I'm up"


These lines can be heard if Azmodan is clicked repeatedly. References made within the lines are linked to the point of reference:


  • "Hmmm...haven't felt this overconfident since Bastion's Keep."
  • "If you think my current form is impressive, wait until you behold my floating head taunts (chuckles)."
  • "Leading the Sin Lieutenants is not easy. Sloth is late. Wrath is belligerent. Pride thinks Greed is stealing. Envy is jealous Greed gets away with it. And Gluttony tries to eat everyone. As for Lust, well, she is very...distracting."
  • "(snores) Mmmm...Nephalems and, there, everywhere. (wakes and growls) Oh, these damn Nephalem torment me even in my sleep."
  • "Minions, remember, there is nothing more toxic or deadly than a Nephalem child. A single touch can kill you."
  • "No, I don't know how the Maiden of Lust is still a maiden, either."
  • "I'm feeling hell-a good, so let's just keep advancin'."
  • "You think your family is bad? I grew up with the Lords of Hell. Our sibling rivalries devastated entire realms!"
  • "Those who believe there are only seven deadly sins lack...imagination (laughs)."
  • "This is starting to hurt more than my piercings."
  • "Can everyone just stop for a moment? I need to write a series of log books about this battle, and then spend some time scattering them about."
  • "What?! How dare you refer to me as a Lesser Evil! (pause). I prefer the term "evilly challenged"."
  • "Ooooh! I'm so Azmodone with this!"


  • "There's only one rule on the Burning Court—thou shalt slam with the best, or thou jams with the rest."
  • "The Burning Court and the High Arena have been locked in the Eternal Playoffs for aeons."
  • "When the season ends, that will be my tool just has to go."
  • "Check yourself Diablo. This year, the most valuable prime title is mine (laughs)."
  • "Court is in session mortals. And here, I am judge, jury, and executioner."
  • "Who's on fire now, Imperius? (laughs)"
  • "My fans call me Azmodunk. But truthfully, my best plays come from way, way downtown."
  • "First I shatter the backboard, then I shatter your world."
  • "Why do we roll for control of Sanctuary? The finals are hosted there, and whoever holds Sanctuary holds home court advantage."
  • "I tire of these nephalem and their showboating dunks. When I was a rookie, it was about fundamentals."
  • Malthael played a mean game for the High Arena. It was fortuitous for the Burning Court when he became a free agent."
  • "I'll let you in on a little secret. It's actually never the shoes. They, ah, don't fit."
  • "My face was once on the box of cereal. But for some reason, children stopped eating breakfast. I have no idea why."

Heroic AbilitiesEdit

  • "You think you know anguish?"
  • "Drown in the tide of sin."
  • "Do you fear the end?"
  • "(laughs) You thought you were so clever."
  • "Ravage this world."
  • "Tear them apart."


  • "These mercenaries should change the play a bit." (with Azmodunk skin)

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