The following is a list of quotations from Auriel:

Clicked Edit

  • "Our fates are united." (Upon purchase)
  • "How may I aid you, mortal?"
  • "Take heart, my friends. Faith cannot be lost, only abandoned."
  • "There is always hope" (Once you hit Ready for a match).

Hero Interactions Edit

At the start of the game:

Auriel initiates conversation:

  • "We shall bring harmony to this realm in chaos."
  • "Let all creation bear witness to our triumph!"
  • "And so it shall be."
  • "Let our enemy be shattered with our resolve."

Auriel responds to conversation:

  • "Our hope shall be fulfilled!"
  • "Hold on to hope, it will not abandon you."
  • "Verily."
  • "After an eternity of conflict, I am always ready."

Asking random hero unless mentioned:

  • "The battle has almost begun, are you prepared for it?"
  • "Be ready and able, conflict arises."

Asking curious creature:

  • (question) "You are most unusual, but hope is universal."
  • (question) "In all of creation, I have never encountered your kind before, but I trust you are well versed in combat."
  • (response) "I will aid you in this battle, whatever you are."

Nephalem (Sonya, Li-Ming, Nazeebo, Johanna, Kharazim, Valla):

  • (question) "It is an honour to fight along side you, Nephalem."
  • (question) "I have always believed in the potential of mortals, you have proven me correct."
  • (response) "You are ever a font of hope."
  • (response) "Come mortal, you have my aid and blessing!"

The Butcher

  • "You are a seeming monstrosity, do not interfere with my task."
  • "You do not speak with words, yet your stench says all that you require."

Demon (Diablo, Azmodan)

  • "Can you put aside your differences long enough for us to ensure victory, demon?"
  • "Your words seethe with poison and lies."


  • "You manipulated the hope of your people to further your own power. Deplorable!"
  • "That is not the word I would use to describe this... Alliance."


  • "You acted on faith, Leoric, but hope alone could not save you."
  • "Only I wish that the High Heavens could have aided your kingdom."

The Lost Vikings

  • "Someday, you will be home again."
  • "Do not be so quick to discredit them. Together you are strong."


  • "Hmm, what manner of creature are you?"
  • "Seek justice, young one. Vengeance if you must. But do not abandon hope."


  • "It fills me with joy to see you again, Tyrael."
  • "I am glad to stand beside you, Tyrael."

Hero Kills Edit

Angel (Tyrael, Malthael)

  • "I do what must be done."


  • "Hope against hope, indeed."


The Butcher

  • "You shall feed no more, demon!"


  • "And I thought Tyrael and Imperius had sibling rivalry."

Nephalem (Sonya, Li-Ming, Nazeebo, Johanna, Kharazim, Valla):

  • "A pity, I placed my hope in you, Nephalem."


  • "Diablo is dead and all evil with him, for now."


  • "Feel not, Leoric, you shall return soon enough."


  • "Forgive me brother, forgive us all."

Humorous Edit

These lines can be heard if Auriel is clicked repeatedly. References made within the lines are linked to the point of reference:

  • "Never forget, young ones, that hope is not passive. It is easily confused with inactive desire."
  • "No, true hope is a blessing. A glorious harmony that is granted through the result of one's deeds."
  • "When it was put to a vote, I cast mine for the preservation of Sanctuary, and all the mortals who call it home. I'm still undecided on the Nexus."
  • "Tyrael. Auriel. Malthael. Itherael. And... Imperius. He always has to be the one who stands out."
  • "Al'maiesh is the Cord of Hope. Through it flows all of my power. I tried going cordless for awhile, but I have to recharge every two hours."
  • "Angels don't actually need wings to fly, you know. We just need to think some happy thoughts." (sighs) "And that's why we ride horses."
  • "What are you looking at? Do I have something on my face? Oh. No. Of course not."
  • "Remember, hope floats. Which I think is quite the accomplishment, given this suit of armor."
  • "Someday, Imperius might actually calm down and think things through before he acts. He's always been such a hothead."
  • "When Diablo invaded the High Heavens, he had Rakanoth imprison me within the Library of Fate. Our situation was rather... hopeless."
  • "In truth, we angels are luminous beings, not this crude metal."
  • "Leoric has made a habit of draining hope from Creation. I used to take pity on his ill fate, but he is significantly increasing my workload."
  • "The mortal known as Tracer told me of a dish from her world called 'angel-hair pasta'. Why must these mortals be so morbid?"