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Assassins deal tremendous damage and can pick off unsuspecting enemies, but must choose their battles carefully, as they can dish more than they can take.

Assassins generally tend to be high-end damage-dealers, with mid to low utility, low survivability, and spread in the middle when it comes to complexity.

The values in the lists below are provided by Blizzard and are in no way indicative of individual players' experience.

List Edit

By damage Edit

(10) Jainaplate Li-Mingplate Novaplate

(9) Gallplate Chromieplate Greymaneplate Kael'thasplate Raynorplate The Butcherplate Vallaplate

(8) Falstadplate Genjiplate Gul'danplate Illidanplate Kerriganplate Lunaraplate Ragnarosplate Thrallplate Tracerplate Tychusplate Varianplate Zeratulplate Zul'jinplate

(7) Alarakplate Cassiaplate

(6) Samuroplate

(5) Valeeraplate

By utility Edit

(8) Valeeraplate

(7) Alarakplate Ragnarosplate

(6) Varianplate Zeratulplate

(5) Cassiaplate Kael'thasplate Lunaraplate Thrallplate Valeeraplate

(4) Gallplate Chromieplate Falstadplate Genjiplate Jainaplate Kerriganplate Novaplate The Butcherplate Zul'jinplate

(3) Greymaneplate Gul'danplate Illidanplate Samuroplate

(2) Tracerplate

(1) Li-Mingplate Raynorplate Tychusplate Vallaplate

By survivability Edit

(10) Gallplate

(8) Ragnarosplate

(7) Thrallplate Samuroplate

(6) Alarakplate Cassiaplate Illidanplate Kerriganplate Raynorplate The Butcherplate Valeeraplate Varianplate Zeratulplate Zul'jinplate

(5) Gul'danplate Tracerplate Tychusplate

(4) Falstadplate Genjiplate Greymaneplate Kael'thasplate Lunaraplate Vallaplate

(3) Chromieplate Li-Mingplate

(2) Jainaplate Novaplate

By complexity Edit

(8) Alarakplate Illidanplate Tracerplate Valeeraplate

(7) Greymaneplate Kael'thasplate Li-Mingplate Ragnarosplate Samuroplate

(6) Genjiplate Gul'danplate Kerriganplate Thrallplate Tychusplate

(5) Chromieplate Falstadplate Lunaraplate Novaplate The Butcherplate Varianplate Zeratulplate

(4) Cassiaplate Jainaplate Zul'jinplate

(3) Gallplate Raynorplate Vallaplate

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