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Artifacts were temporarily available in Heroes of the Storm. They are not to be confused with the items of previous builds.


Artifacts could be used to modify a hero's starting stats prior to queuing for a match in any game mode. They were purchased using gold and slotted into artifact slots. This was available at level 15.

There were three types of artifacts—gem, relic, and trinket. The gem slot was automatically unlocked for free at level 15, while the relic and trinket slots could be purchased in any order directly from the hero select screen, each costing 2000 gold to unlock. Up to 3 artifacts could be selected for match, but only one of each type.

The higher an artifact's rank, the stronger its in-game effects became. Individual artifacts could be directly purchased, starting at 100 gold for rank 1. Additional ranks could be purchased up to a maximum of Rank 10 for each artifact, and the cost increased by 100 gold for each rank purchased after the first.[1]

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