The following is a list of quotations from Arthas.


  • (Shared)
    LichKing IntroQuestion Anubarak00
    "Shall we, traitor king?"
  • (Lich King)
    LichKing IntroResponse Anubarak00
    "All will serve in death."
  • (Crown Prince)
    Arthas IntroResponse Anubarak00
    "Come, the master demands our service."

  • (Lich King)
    • LichKing IntroQuestion Jaina00
    • LichKing IntroResponse Jaina00
      "Forgiveness is a concern of the living."

  • (Crown Prince)
    • Arthas IntroQuestion Jaina00
      "Jaina... I..."
    • Arthas IntroResponse Jaina00
      "And I will never ask for forgiveness."

  • (Lich King)
    • LichKing IntroQuestion Muradin00
      "How does it feel knowing how much your failure has cost the world?"
    • LichKing IntroResponse Muradin00
      "Then stay out of its way."

  • (Crown Prince)
    • Arthas IntroQuestion Muradin00
      "You could have stopped me, Muradin."
    • Arthas IntroResponse Muradin00
      "Ho-ho. Are you nervous?"

  • (Lich King)
    • LichKing IntroQuestion Murky00
      "Perhaps I will turn you into a mur'gul."
    • LichKing IntroResponse Murky00
      "Do not waste my time."

    • Arthas IntroResponse Murky00
      "Must you always spit when you talk?"

  • (Lich King)
    • LichKing IntroQuestion Uther00
      "If you fail, Uther, know that I can always use another death knight."
    • LichKing IntroResponse Uther00
      "If you prefer, I can always kill you again."

  • (Crown Prince)
    • Arthas IntroQuestion Uther00
      "Try not to fail, Uther, as you did in service to my father."
    • Arthas IntroResponse Uther00
      "You shouldn't, old man."

  • (Lich King)
    • LichKing IntroQuestion Zeratul00
      "I see you wield the darkness as I do."
    • LichKing IntroResponse Zeratul00
      "How perceptive of you."

  • (Crown Prince)
    • Arthas IntroQuestion Zeratul00
      "Hmmm... You wield the darkness as I do."
    • Arthas IntroResponse Zeratul00
      "I don't know what you're talking about!"
    • Arthas IntroResponse Zeratul01
      "Well, it's been that kind of week."



(Lich King)

  • "Maybe next time."

(Crown Prince)

  • "Still not good enough."


  • "You broke your promise."

(Lich King)

(Crown Prince)

  • "They made you a queen? Ha!"

(Lich King)

  • "This time stay dead."

(Crown Prince)

  • "Wait...I thought Muradin was dead."


  • "Where is your precious Light now, Uther?"


(Lich King)

  • "There was no other choice." (upon purchase)
  • "Frostmourne yearns."
  • "You will all serve me."


  • "I rule."

(Crown Prince)

  • "(sigh) Speak, fool."
  • "No one orders me around."


These lines can be heard if Arthas is clicked repeatedly. References made within the lines are linked to the point of reference:

(Lich King)

(Crown Prince)

  • "I will save Lordaeron at any cost."
  • "The Lich King has given me true power."
  • "I will be twice the king my father was... And three times the dancer!"
  • (phone rings) "I'm sorry, I have to take this." (answers the phone) "Darkness! How's it - wait, what? Oh. Yeah, there's a lot of demon hunters now, that was bound to happen. I agree, I agree, it's very confusing. L-look, I gotta go, I'm in the middle of a thing here. Yeah, yeah, no, we'll hang out soon. Okay, bye."
  • "Ever get the feeling you're stuck in a loop, culling Stratholme over and over again?"
  • "It isn't easy being prince... Although, I have an idea or two on how to improve that situation."
  • "Wait, this battleground has mercenaries? Excellent! I love mercenaries!"
  • (laughs with the Lich King's voice, then coughs and clears his throat) "Sorry about that. My voice gets a little lich-y sometimes."
  • "I once had a horse named Invincible. Turns out, he wasn't."
  • (stomach grumbling sound) "Ah, great. Frostmourne's hungry again. Does anyone have something I can rub up against the blade to tide it over? Maybe an orphan?"
  • "What the hell is an Undercity, anyway?"
  • "Why doesn't anyone want to ride on the same boat with me? It's not like I plan on burning the boat or anything. Okay, okay, I'll...I'll burn the boat."

Heroic AbilitiesEdit

(Lich King)

  • "[1] Sindragosa! Let loose your wrath!"
  • "Rise and serve your king!"
  • "Let the army of the damned rise!"

(Crown Prince)

  • "Rise, Sindragosa! Let loose your wrath!"
  • "Rise and serve your future king!"
  • "The army of the damned rises!"

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