The following is a list of quotations from Artanis.



  • "Highlord Alarak, what a surprise?"
  • "No different from you, Alarak."


  • "What zerg abomination is this?"
  • "If you have any wisdom at all, you will remain silent."


  • "What zerg abomination is this?"
  • "Ugh, Really? I will not dignify that with a response."


  • "It is good to fight by your side once more, friend Raynor."
  • "Lost in the Nexus and on the verge of battle, but otherwise... Acceptable."


  • "My mentor... Guide us in the fight ahead."
  • "For the glory of Aiur!"

Zerg (Anub'alisk, Abathur, Kerrigan, The Butcherlisk, Stukov, Zagara)

  • "I must ally with a zerg? (Sighs) So be it."
  • "We will settle this after the battle, abomination."


  • "It brings me great joy to see you, old friend."
  • (Khalani language)

Regular responses

  • "Are you ready to face our enemies?"
  • "Have you prepared yourself for this battle?"
  • "I see you are still in early stages of evolution."
  • "Of all the allies I could have... I ended up with you."
  • "I do not need the Khala to know what you think of this."
  • "I do only what I must."
  • "So shall it be."
  • "You speak truth."
  • "For the glory of the Daelaam!"
  • "Our faith will prevail."
  • "The enemy cannot withstand our might."
  • "I'm pleased to fight alongside a warrior like you."
  • "I'm well-versed in the ways of war."
  • "Our foes will regret this day."
  • "We are steadfast at the face of peril."
  • "The enemy will fall before our onslaught!"
  • "En Taro Adun." ("In Honor to Adun")




  • "My apologies for that, friend Raynor."


  • "It seems I have surpassed you, mentor."


  • "May Adun hide you next time..."

Protoss (Alarak, Templar Li-Ming, Probius)

  • "You should have joined in my unity."

Zerg (Anub'alisk, Abathur, Kerrigan, The Butcherlisk, Stukov, Zagara)

  • "I will purge your kind from this galaxy!"

Regular kills

  • "No match for the blades of a Templar."
  • "Such a disappointment."
  • "Those who are divided, fall."
  • "Hump, an inferior life form."
  • "You lack honor."


  • "Dawn will come."
  • "Strength in unity."


  • "I see."
  • "It is destined."
  • "Reveal the way."
  • "There can be no doubts."
  • "The future is ours."
  • "Our path is clear."
  • " A bold plan."
  • "With honor, I lead."

Attacking Edit

  • "En Taro Tassadar!"
  • "We fight against the darkness!"
  • "Vanquish!"
  • "This burden is mine."
  • "Triumph through sacrifice!"
  • "Shakhal zenn!"
  • "They will meet justice!"


These lines can be heard if Artanis is clicked repeatedly. References made within the lines are linked to the point of reference:

  • "This realm poses many questions and few answers..."
  • "Were the xel'naga involved in the creation of the Nexus? If so, they have left no temples, no new life forms…"
  • "Unless... Those life forms were unseen, controlling us through some sort of complicated digital mechanism, some sort of... Battle net, as it were."
  • "Maybe even thousands of these life forms, all manipulating our lives at once! Ah, all right, this is giving me a headache."
  • "I wonder what the Daelaam are doing in my absence. Hopefully they haven't rearrange the furnishing of my council chamber... I hate it when they do that."
  • "So, the Spear of Adun is right above me, yet Phasesmith Karax is nowhere to be found? (sighs) Typical..."
  • "Will you stop poking me? Go dispense your aggression on one of the orcs! See how they like it!"
  • "By the way, I said StarCraft wasn't just Warcraft in space. Whatever this "Heroes of the Storm" thing is doesn't count."
  • "Yes, my starship follows me wherever I go. It is like what you terrans refers as "a pet". Only useful."
  • "I was only made hierarch a short time ago, but I'm still thinking about my career advancement. With a little luck I'll be 'highest arch' in no time."
  • "What do you think of the new armor? My last one left me feeling a little... Exposed."
  • "I'm only young for a protoss. I have lived two centuries more than most of you, and I would appreciate your respect."
  • "I have live a life that is full. I traveled each and every star array, and more... Much more than this, I did it my way."

Heroic AbilitiesEdit

  • "Behold the power of an arkship."
  • "Spear of Adun, fire now!"
  • "Activate purifier beam!"
  • "Commence purification."
  • "Take their vision away!"
  • "Your sight fails you!"

Choosing Talents Edit

  • "Aah, so this is the plan."
  • "That will serve me well."
  • "Hmm, strategic."
  • "I am intrigued."
  • "A wise action."

Hearthing Edit

  • "Fall back, warriors!"
  • "We must retreat."