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Arcane Orb (W)
Mana: 40
Cooldown: 8 seconds

Fire an orb that powers up as it travels, dealing 135 (+3% per level) damage to the first enemy hit. The amount of damage dealt is increased the further it travels, up to 405 (+3% per level) damage.

Arcane Orb

Patch changes Edit

  • IconHotS (Patch March 14, 2017Note: Time-based scaling added.
  • IconHotS (Patch September 27, 2016Note: Beginning size reduced by roughly 33%; Maximum size reduced by roughly 33%; Explosion radius reduced by roughly 15%.
  • IconHotS (Patch April 12, 2016Note: Damage reduced by 10% overall, from 150 (+3% per level) to 135 (+3% per level) initial damage, and 450 (+3% per level) to 405 (+3% per level) damage at maximum range.; Cooldown decreased from 10 to 8 seconds.; Mana cost reduced from 50 to 40.
  • IconHotS (Patch March 29, 2016Note: Li-Ming’s Arcane Orb can no longer hit the Sandstorm created by the Boss on Sky Temple.

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