The following is a list of quotations from Anub'arak.


  • AnubarakBase Pissed00
  • AnubarakBase Pissed01
    "Time is fleeting."
  • AnubarakBase Pissed02
    "The strands of destiny weave only a web of death."
  • "I will soon be beyond death." (upon purchase)
  • "For the Frozen Throne!" (upon selection)


  • AnubarakBase IntroQuestion Arthas00
    "All hail the Lich King."
  • AnubarakBase IntroResponse Arthas00
    "As long as you reign, I must obey."

  • AnubarakBase IntroQuestion Murky00
    "This is no place for a child."
  • AnubarakBase IntroResponse Murky00
    "Come again?"

  • AnubarakBase IntroQuestion Zagara00
    "Nice legs."
  • AnubarakBase IntroResponse Zagara00
    "I am already shackled to the will of a monarch! I have no need for another."


  • "By nerub."
  • "Undoubtedly."
  • "I'll see to it."
  • AnubarakBase Yes03
  • "Death to the living."
  • "The time is now."
  • "So be it."
  • "For the Frozen Throne."
  • "As you command."


  • "Oblivion awaits."
  • "Feel the venom of nerub!"
  • "I'll consume the living and the dead!"
  • "Do not resist!"
  • "I will crush you!"
  • "The host dissents."
  • "Know my torment!"


  • "Your soul shall save the host."
  • "Do you hear the master's voice?"
  • "The web of death is inescapable."
  • "You have failed."
  • AnubarakBase KillAbathur00
    "I eat worms like you for breakfast."

  • AnubarakBase KillArthas00
    "Finally, I am free of you!"

  • AnubarakBase KillSylvanas00
    "You will find no peace in death, betrayer!"

  • "Your power pales before that of my master."
Sgt. Hammer
  • "Your machines are nothing before the Scourge."


  • "My service is eternal."
  • "I rise again!"
  • "From the depths I come."


  • AnubarakBase Pissed03
    "I am first among the crypt lords and a servant of the Lich King! I don't have to take this from you!"
  • AnubarakBase Pissed04
    "If you can feel the ground moving it's already too late."
  • AnubarakBase Pissed06
    "Oh... Did anyone catch the name of that guild? Paragon, was it?"
  • AnubarakBase Pissed07
    "You think I'm big? You should see my step-mother. laughs"
  • AnubarakBase Pissed08
    "Ever notice how it's exactly when you get your purple items organized that heroes drop in unexpectedly?"
  • AnubarakBase Pissed09
    "The key to efficient web-crawling... Is proper distribution."
  • AnubarakBase Pissed11
    "The feud between crypt lords and blood lords is eternal."
  • AnubarakBase Pissed12
    "Bugs this big become features!"
  • AnubarakBase Pissed13
    "Don't be a noob. Only I'm allowed to do that. Heh. I'm making that sound myself."
  • AnubarakBase Pissed14
    "Ten more minutes of this abuse and I will go berserk!"

Heroic AbilitiesEdit

  • AnubarakBase Ultimate1Used00
    "Embrace the web of death!"
  • AnubarakBase Ultimate1Used01
    "You're mine!"
  • AnubarakBase Ultimate2Used00
    "Suffer the fury of the host!"
  • AnubarakBase Ultimate2Used01
    "Pestilence upon you!"