The following is a list of quotations from Alarak.


  • "Oh dear... I had expected so much more." (when viewed in shop)
  • "Oh, you chose wisely!" (upon purchase)
  • "Oh, it's you." (viewed in shop after purchase)
  • "Finally." (upon selection)


  • "Hmmm, the evolution master. You may be of some use to me."
  • "Uh... Indeed."
  • "Ah, here you are, Artanis. Lost in the uncaring depths of space."
  • "Oh, please, drop the false incredulity. I know you are not that naive."
D3 Demon
  • "Oooh, your power could prove useful."
  • "Power and malevolence incarnate. Tis a pity you're so single minded."


  • "A previously slain ally does not inspire confidence"
  • "It's hard to believe that i'm starting to prefer that Talandar machine"
  • "Your unquenchable desire for power reminds me of a certain god. He's a pile of ashes now."
  • "Oh... Enjoy being crushed by it."
  • "Ah, the Queen of Blades. I trust you will live up to your reputation."
  • "Oh no, it shall be."
  • "You? Ugh, surely this is a jest."
  • "Hah, I believe I like you, fish creature. Come, we shall claim our vengeance together."
  • "Oh a Probe, good!. I'm in need of a servant. Follow!"
  • "Warfare is in my blood. Two things that are beyond you"
  • "A Templar? I see. Perhaps you can talk our enemy to death."
  • "I will not bind my fate to yours. My path is mine alone."
  • "Oh, I sense within you a fire others lack. Let's hope this proves interesting."
  • "Ahahahah. If only the same could be said for you."
  • "So you're the one the Templar worship. This explains a great deal."
  • "The Terrans? Ugh, were there no viable allies?"
  • "Save your words, primate. Spare me from hearing your orifice flap."
  • "Hah, I see. Kerrigan's lackey."
  • "Yes."


  • "Well if it isn't the mighty zerg. Whose slaves are you this week, I wonder?"
  • "If I desired to hear inane chattering I would have stayed with Artanis"


  • "Only because I will it."
  • "As I desire."
  • "So goes the Chain of Ascension."
  • "My decrees are absolute."
  • "Fine."
  • "I agree with this decision."
  • "Onward."
  • "Predictable, yet effective."


  • "The weak always fall."
  • "Oblivion awaits."
  • "Krishol'fak aram!"
  • "Oh, they shall suffer!"
  • "None shall usurp me!"
  • "Vengeance is mine!"
  • "My blade seeks blood."


  • (scoffs) "Your name shall be stricken from memory."
  • "Is there no one who can pose a challenge?"
  • "(sighs) How terribly unsatisfying."
  • "Hmm, that was almost interesting."
  • "Unworthy of my attention."
  • "Are you truly the best this realm can offer?" (stopping a killstreak)
  • "(laughs) You're not good at this, are you?"
  • "Oh dear. Your skills are fading fast. Perhaps you need a rest?"
  • "You are utterly pathetic."
  • "Well, at least your ineptitude is consistent."
  • "(scoffs) A youngling would pose a greater challenge."
  • "A waste of time and energy."
  • "By the rite of Rak'Shir, I am Highlord!"
  • "I have brought you glory, revel in it."
  • "Hahaha, Artanis. I expected so much more."
  • "Queen, meet my blades."
Primal Zerg
  • "Primal Zerg? What a useless distinction."
  • "Glory to the Victor!"


  • "Your misery is at its end"
  • "Tassadar. Saviour of the Templar, haha."
  • "Do you see what your hubris has wrought, Terran?"
  • "Oh, a disappointing start to your reign, Zagara."
  • "It seems I overestimated your skill, Dark Prelate."
  • "Behold the mighty Zerg, dead at my feet." (bug - plays as a general kill response)


  • "That was rather disagreeable ... do not fail me again!"
  • "Your highlord has returned."
  • "My vengeance will be denied no longer."

Talent Selection Edit

  • "A curious choice, but not an unwelcome one."
  • "Oh, yes! I like it!"
  • "Ah, I didn't realize I could grow more powerful."
  • "This shall be the instrument of my wrath."
  • "Eeeeh, acceptable."

Healed Edit

  • "Is this the best healing you can do?"
  • "Ugh, I've known much better healers."
  • "Hmm, you've served your Highlord well enough."
  • "Cutting in close, aren't we?" (low health heal)
  • "The tides turn in my favor." (low health heal)

Hearthing Edit

  • "I must leave, and I blame this failure upon you."
  • "More pressing affairs deserve my attention."


These lines can be heard if Alarak is clicked repeatedly. References made within the lines are linked to the point of reference:

  • "You address the highlord?"
  • "How shall you serve me?"
  • "Have you come seeking wisdom? You certainly need it."
  • "Or is this a challenge? Hah, of course not. Your kind lacks the fortitude for such a thing."
  • "I'd show more care when poking my armour if I were you. A little prick can be quite the annoyance."
  • "The Nexus. A conflux of time and space, where heroes and worlds clash. Sounds like underwhelming science fiction. I mean, really, are you even trying anymore?"
  • "In ancient times, the first highlord was asked, 'Where shall be our homeworld?'. He pointed downward, saying 'wherever I tread!'. Even now, this edict is unchanged."
  • "Why honour those who die in battle, when the glory belongs to those who kill?"
  • "The difference between the Templar and the Tal'Darim is simple. Templar use long-winded speeches to reach the hearts of their warriors. We use a blade."
  • "The Chain of Ascension wasn't the first thing we tried. I'll admit, the Carousel of Omnipotence was fun, but the idea never really went anywhere."
  • "Free-to-Play is a delusion granted to the weak by the strong. Or so I've heard."
  • "Is this all you do? Imagine how much better you could be if you channeled your efforts into actually fighting."
  • "The more you prod, the worse your punishment shall be."
  • "We Tal'Darim name our worlds to honour significant events. We called our homeworld 'Slayn'. Let your imagination run wild as to why."
  • "I have grown tired of these 'realmlords' and their insipid demands. Hah! What is a realmlord compared to a highlord?"
  • "No, no more of this. I'm a conqueror, not an entertainer."


  • "Step forth and face Alarak,Highlord of the Taldarim!"
  • "You shall know my wrath,first-hand!"
  • "Run away or die.I care little which you choose..."

Heroic AbilitiesEdit

Deadly Charge
  • "Meet my blades!"
  • "There's no escape!"
  • "Your demise is at hand!"