The following is a list of quotations from Abathur.


  • AbathurHero IntroQuestion Brightwing00
    "Organism: Faerie Dragon. Ability origins: perplexing. Must examine closely."
  • AbathurHero IntroResponse Brightwing00
    "Fear. Appropriate."

  • AbathurHero IntroQuestion Kerrigan00
    "Organism Abathur will serve Queen."
  • AbathurHero IntroResponse Kerrigan00
    "For the Swarm."

  • AbathurHero IntroQuestion Murky00
    "Amphibious organism. Extreme aggression. Useful essence."
  • AbathurHero IntroResponse Murky00
    "Question unintelligible. Illogical sentence structure."

  • "Organism Abathur will not fail. Rest assured."


  • "Conversation superfluous. Focus upon combat."

Low Health Allies

  • "You. Efficiency hindered. Heal immediately."


  • AbathurHero KillKerrigan00
    "Queen of Blades can be improved. Will examine later."

  • AbathurHero KillMurky00
    "Infantile morphology. Possible combat use."

  • AbathurHero KillZagara00
    "Broodmother template inadequate. Must improve."

  • "Primal zerg. Unacceptable."[1]


  • AbathurHero Pissed00
    "Must evolve."
  • AbathurHero Pissed01
    "Swarm not good enough. Not."
  • AbathurHero Pissed02
    "Perfection. Deep in the core. In strands."


These lines can be heard if Abathur is clicked repeatedly. References made within the lines are linked to the point of reference:

  • AbathurHero Pissed03
    "Pronouns. Unclear."
  • AbathurHero Pissed04
    "Teammates. Much to improve. Reanimated tissue. Humanoid-beast hybrids. Inefficient. Unacceptable."
  • AbathurHero Pissed06
    "Perfection goal that always changes. Can pursue, cannot obtain. Similar to Ashbringer."
  • AbathurHero Pissed07
    "Anger. Product of stress. Adrenaline. Clicking. No clicking, no anger."
  • AbathurHero Pissed08
    "Design must be simple. Elegant. Implementation, less so."
  • AbathurHero Pissed09
    "Sequences must change. Intent static, product fluid."
  • AbathurHero Pissed10
    "Always can improve. Stressers reveal flaws. Flaws reveal potential. Always improving. Good."
  • AbathurHero Pissed11
    "If evolution product of design, is evolution... Evolution? Hmm. Line of thought not productive."
  • AbathurHero Pissed12 ALT
    "Hmm... Abilities of organism Abathur well-designed. Uncertain will not change. Entity Blizzard notorious for iteration."
  • AbathurHero Pissed13 ALT
    "Symbiote. Not 'bug hat'. Ugh..."
  • AbathurHero Pissed14
    "Hmm. Combine properties of hydralisk and roach. 'Hydraroach'. Must investigate." (splattering sound) "Ohh. Not viable."


  • AbathurHero Symbiote00
    "You. Enhanced. Improved."
  • AbathurHero Symbiote01
    "Sequences augmented."
  • AbathurHero Symbiote02
    "Symbiotic link established. You improved."
  • AbathurHero Symbiote03
    "Symbiote implanted. You augmented."
  • AbathurHero Symbiote04
    "Organism Abathur with you."

Heroic AbilitiesEdit

  • AbathurHero Ultimate1Used00
    "Ultimate Evolution complete."
  • AbathurHero Ultimate2Used00
    "For the Swarm."
  • AbathurHero Ultimate2Used01
    "Forces augmented."
  • AbathurHero Ultimate2Used02
    "Augmentation complete."


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